Aviation Statistics

The Wayne County Airport Authority provides monthly statistical reports on domestic and international passengers, passenger departures (enplanements) and arrivals (deplanements), cargo handled, operations, and landed weights. Reports are available in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader.
Monthly Aviation Reports for 2016 (updated on September 25, 2017)
January (312KB PDF)
February (318KB PDF)
March (320KB PDF)
April (320KB PDF)
May - (321KB PDF)
June - (321KB PDF)
July - (322KB PDF)
August - (322KB PDF)

September - (Not Available Yet)
October - (Not Available Yet)
November - (Not Available Yet)
December - (Not Available Yet)
Annual Year End Aviation Reports (Total Passengers and Operations, 2016)
Calendar Year 2016
Calendar Year 2015
Calendar Year 2014
Calendar Year 2013
Calendar Year 2012
Calendar Year 2011
Calendar Year 2010
Calendar Year 2009
Calendar Year 2008
Historical Aviation Statistics by Month (Calendar Years 2010 to Current Year) (updated on September 25, 2017)
Enplaned Passengers (36KB PDF)
Deplaned Passengers (36KB PDF)
Domestic Passengers (37KB PDF)
International Passengers (36KB PDF)
Cargo (freight, air mail, and small packages) (90KB PDF)
Landed Weight (35KB PDF)
Total Passengers and Operations,1997 - 2016 (19KB PDF)