Competition Plan

Pursuant to federal regulations, Wayne County Airport Authority provided a Competition Plan for Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) to the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration in 2000 and continues to file updates to that plan as necessary.

Competition Plan
FAA letter to DTW dated Nov. 9, 2000 
DTW response to letter, dated Dec. 8, 2000 
FAA letter to DTW dated Feb. 14, 2001 
Annual update to the Competition Plan dated Oct. 2, 2001 
FAA letter dated March 4, 2002 
DTW response dated April 1, 2002 
FAA letter dated August 21, 2002 
Fiscal Year 2004 Competition Plan Update 
FAA letter dated May 18, 2004 
2008 Competition Plan Update
FAA letter dated March 18, 2009 
DTW response dated April 2, 2009