YIP Capital Projects

Willow Run Airport Capital Projects

The Airport Authority manages the capital projects at Willow Run Airport under a Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The current and future capital projects at Willow Run Airport are anticipated to occur over the next five years and can be viewed by clicking the project categories below.

Special Notice:
Closure and Removal of Runway 14-32 at Willow Run - Draft Environmental Assessment
Closure and Removal of Runway 14-32 at Willow Run - EA Public Hearing Notice

Airfield Projects
Noise Mitigation
Security & Communications
Support Facilities

Airfield Projects
AF1 Part 150 Study
AF2 Taxiway “D” Electrical Improvements
AF3 Runway 5R/23L Design & Reconstruction
AF4 Runways 14/32 & 5R/23L Decommission – Environmental Assessment
AF5 Runway 14/32 Decommission & Removal
AF6 Runway 5R/23L Decommission & Removal
AF7 Airport Layout Plan Update
AF8 East Ramp Rehabilitation
AF9 West Apron Rehabilitation
AF10 Taxiways “E1” & “E2” Rehabilitation
AF11 Taxilane “B” Rehabilitation
AF12 Tawixay “H” (Former Runway 9R/27L) Construction
AF13 New Taxiway Parallel East of Runway 5R/23L Construction
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Noise Mitigation
NM1 Noise Mitigation Program
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Security & Communications
SC1 Security Improvements
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Support Facilities
SF1 Fire Pump Upgrade, East Airfield Buildings
SF2 Fuel Farm Improvements
SF3 Hangar 1 Fire Suppression System Installation
SF4 Hangar 1 Rehabilitation
SF5 East Complex Infrastructure Improvements
SF6 Hangar 2 Demolition
SF7 Oil-Water Separator Installations
SF8 ARFF Station Construction
SF9 Maintenance Storage & Snow Equipment Facilities
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